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Conductive Polymer Electrodes for Neural Prosthetic Applications

  • J. S. Foos (a1) and S. M. Erker (a1)


A variety of materials have been evaluated for use as electrodes for neural stimulation. In an effort to maximize the charge density on the electrode surface, faradaic stimulation electrodes have been investigated. Electrodes consisting of thin films of polypyrrole on Pt have been studied in phosphate buffered saline using cyclic voltammetry at 100 mV/s. The electrode capacity diminishes initially but stabilizes after ˜500 cycles. The electrodes were further evaluated in pulsing experiments using constant current, biphasic pulses. In these experiments, significant charge storage was observed only when using pulse widths greater than 5 ms. A modified polypyrrole was prepared using anthraquinone containing electrolyte. This new material is an apparent improvement over the polypyrrole previously studied.



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Conductive Polymer Electrodes for Neural Prosthetic Applications

  • J. S. Foos (a1) and S. M. Erker (a1)


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