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Concentration-Independent Solute Segregation in Laser Annealing of Semiconductor Crystals

  • Jun-ichi Chikawa (a1), Fumio Sato (a1) and Tadasu Sunada (a1)


Atomic processes at the interface in regrowth following laser induced melting were investigated by observing behavior of impurity segregation. The interfacial segregation coefficient k* was obtained from depth profiles of solute atoms redistributed by laser irradiation of uniformly doped Si, Ge, and GayAl1−yAs crystals. It was found that k*=k0 for B in Si, Ga in Ge ih the growth rate range of 1 m/s. It is concluded that rapid growth freezes a state of liquid monolayer adjacent to the interface which has the character of ideal solution from dilute to eutectic composition for dopant-silicon systems and in the entire range of composition for the mixed crystal.



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