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Competition Between Gettering by Implantation-Induced Cavities in Silicon and Internal Gettering Associated with SiO2 Precipitation

  • S. A. McHugo (a1), E. R. Weber (a1), S. M. Myers (a2) and G. A. Petersen (a2)


The gettering behavior of Cu and Fe was investigated in CZ silicon containing both internal-gettering sites in the bulk due to SiO2 precipitation and a device-side layer of cavities formed by He ion implantation and annealing. The objective was to quantify the effectiveness of impurity gettering at cavities relative to the widely used internal-gettering process. Both rapid thermal anneals and furnace anneals were used during the gettering sequences to reveal transient effects as well as the final, thermodynamically-equilibrated condition. For temperatures of 700, 800 and 850°C, the cavity gettering was observed to dominate the internal gettering as indicated both by the number of gettered atoms in the cavities and the residual solution concentration in the device region. The results are interpreted in detail by numerically solving the diffusion equation with sink-related source terms based on earlier, fundamental studies of the underlying mechanisms of internal and cavity gettering.



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