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Comparison of ZnS-based Buffer Layers by Chemical Bath Deposition and Atomic Layer Deposition

  • Charlotte Platzer-Bjöerkman (a1) and Alexander Uhl (a2)


In this work we compare ZnS-based buffer layers prepared by atomic layer deposition, ALD, and chemical bath deposition, CBD. Both material and device properties are compared. CBD buffer layers are amorphous with a Zn(OH,S) composition while ALD buffer layers used in devices are crystalline with a Zn(O,OH,S) composition. Devices with ALD buffer layers are stable while for CBD, large lightsoaking effects are seen. Stable devices with CBD buffer layers are obtained by including an ALD-(Zn,Mg)O layer on top of the CBD layer.



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Comparison of ZnS-based Buffer Layers by Chemical Bath Deposition and Atomic Layer Deposition

  • Charlotte Platzer-Bjöerkman (a1) and Alexander Uhl (a2)


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