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A Comparison of Magnesium and Beryllium Acceptors in GaN Grown by rf-Plasma Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy

  • A.J. Ptak (a1), T.H. Myers (a1), Lijun Wang (a1), N.C. Giles (a1), M. Moldovan (a2), C.R. Da Cunha (a2), L.A. Hornak (a2), C. Tian (a3), R. A. Hockett (a3), S. Mitha (a3) and P. Van Lierde (a3)...


Step-doped structures of both magnesium and beryllium were grown in GaN and analyzed using secondary ion mass spectrometry. Dopant incorporation was studied as a function of substrate temperature and dopant flux for Ga-polarity and N-polarity GaN. Incorporation is different for each polarity, with Mg incorporating by up to a factor of 20 times more (30 times more with atomic hydrogen) on the Ga-face, while Be incorporates more readily on the N-face. The effect of atomic hydrogen on the incorporation kinetics of both Mg and Be is also discussed. Mg and Be both undergo surface segregation during growth. Photoluminescence measurements suggest that Be is a p-type dopant with an optical activation energy of approximately 100 meV.



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