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Comparison Between Al- and B-Doped Zno Window Layers For CuInSe2Thin Film Solar Cells

  • T. Nakada (a1), N. Murakami (a1) and A. Kunioka (a1)


A comparative study of several properties of ZnO:Al and ZnO:B films grown by magnetron sputtering has been performed. The influence of these window layers on device performance has also been investigated. Sputter-deposited ZnO:B films were used for the first time as a window material of CIS thin film solar cells. The short circuit current was improved by replacing ZnO:Al with ZnO:B window layers. A discussion of the issues relating to ZnO window layers for improving cell performance is presented.



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Comparison Between Al- and B-Doped Zno Window Layers For CuInSe2Thin Film Solar Cells

  • T. Nakada (a1), N. Murakami (a1) and A. Kunioka (a1)


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