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Co Oxidation by Bi2MoO6-γ(H) Catalyst

  • D. H. Galván (a1), M. Avalos-Borja (a1), S. Fuentes (a1), L. Cota-Araiza (a1), J. Cruz-Reyes (a2), F. F. Castillón (a3) and M. B. Maple (a4)...


We present a study of a Bi-Mo catalyst, obtained by solid state reaction, for the oxidation of CO. Bismuth-molybdate catalysts form several phases (β3-Bi2Mo2O9, α-Bi2Mo3O12 and γ-Bi2MoO6, among others), depending upon the Bi/Mo ratio and the preparation method [1]. The γ-Bi2MoO6 phase is the one that is stable at high temperatures, according to the phase diagram, and is the one we used as catalyst for the conversion of CO [2].



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