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Chlorine Precursors For Gate Oxidation Processes

  • M.J. Mc Geary (a1), P.W. Mertens (a2), B. Vermeire (a2), M. Heyns (a2), H. Sprey (a3), A. Lubbers (a4) and M. Schaekers (a2)...


1,1,1‐Trichloroethane (TCA) has played a vital rôle in contemporary semiconductor fabrication as a source for chlorine during the oxidation of silicon substrates. However, TCA has been identified as an ozone depleting compound by the Montreal Protocol, and in the United States The Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 severely restrict its use in many applications. This paper discusses oxalyl chloride (OC) and trans‐ 1,2‐dichloroethylene (DCE) as alternatives to TCA for silicon oxidation processes. Information on precursor vapor delivery, atmospheric chemistry, industrial hygiene, and combustion chemistry will be presented along with comparisons of metal decontamination efficiency and electrical properties (Qbd) for oxides grown in the presence of each precursor The suitability of OC for low temperature, ultra‐thin oxidation processes will also be addressed.



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Chlorine Precursors For Gate Oxidation Processes

  • M.J. Mc Geary (a1), P.W. Mertens (a2), B. Vermeire (a2), M. Heyns (a2), H. Sprey (a3), A. Lubbers (a4) and M. Schaekers (a2)...


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