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Chemical Widths at Composite Interfaces: Relationships to Structural Widths and Methods for Measurement

  • R.W. Carpenter (a1), J.S. Bow (a1), M.J. Kim (a1), K. Das Chowdhiury (a2) and W. Braue (a3)...


Energy selected imaging with a Zeiss 912 ω-filter TEM was used to examine grain boundary solute distributions in an Si3N4/SiC(w) ceramic densified with Y2O3 + Al2O3 sintering aid. These results are compared to boundary region solute distributions in the same materials determined by field emission small probe electron energy loss spectroscopy and related methods. The intrinsic higher incident flux of the FEG small probe methods renders them the most useful for high spatial resolution local chemical width measurement. Energy selected imaging is fast and relatively simple for determining elemental distributions in boundaries at low magnifications. The methods are complementary.



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