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Chemical Vapor Deposition of Ultrafine Ceramic Structures

  • B. M. Gallois (a1), R. Mathur (a1), S. R. Lee (a1) and J. Y. Yoo (a1)


Ultrafine ceramic structures based on the nitrides and carbides of titanium and silicon have been synthesized in a computer-controlled hot-wall CVD reactor. Layered deposits have been produced by pulsing the reactant gases judiciously under software control. The development of a columnar structure which is endemic to most CVD materials has been suppressed. Skeletal structures of filaments have also been grown with appropriate catalysts by the vapor-liquid-solid mechanism and immediately infiltrated in situ with different materials to produce filament-reinforced composite coatings.

Ultrafine-grained carbon films and filaments have been grown from methane-hydrogen mixtures by RF plasma-assisted CVD. The microstructural features of these materials are of the order of 20 to 100 nm. The subgrain structure determined by Raman spectroscopy varies from 2 to 3 nm.



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Chemical Vapor Deposition of Ultrafine Ceramic Structures

  • B. M. Gallois (a1), R. Mathur (a1), S. R. Lee (a1) and J. Y. Yoo (a1)


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