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Chemical Vapor Deposition of Ruthenium Dioxide Thin Films From Bis(2, 4-Dimethylpentadienyl)Ruthenium

  • Lamartine Meda (a1), Richard C. Breitkopf (a2), Terry E. Haas (a2) and Rein U. Kirss (a1)


Thin films of polycrystalline RuO2 were deposited from bis(2,4-dimethylpentadienyl) ruthenium, (η5-2, 4-Me2C5H5)2Ru (1) and ruthenocene (2) on quartz and silicon substrates between 200 and 500°C under Ar/O2 or O2. Films deposited from 1 were more adherent than those grown from 2 under the same conditions, however, none of the films were particularly adherent when O2 was used as a carrier gas. SEM revealed a columnar structure for both precursors with grain size ranging from 0.15 – 1 5μ. Crystallinity increased after annealing the films to 800°C. Resistivity decreased as the annealing temperature increased.



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