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Chemical Oxide Passivation for Very Thin Oxide Formation

  • J. Takano (a1) (a2), K. Makihara (a1) (a2) and T. Ohmi (a1)


Electrical characteristics of the very thin oxides including oxide films formed in various chemicals were evaluated by means of the ultraclean oxidation system. The very thin oxides including the oxide films formed in H2SO4/H2O2, O3/H2O, and Hot-H2O22 have been found superior terms of reliability to those including the oxide films formed in NH4OH/H2O2/H2O and HCI/H2O2/H2O. The oxide films formed in H2SO4/H2O2, O3/H2O, and Hot–H2O2 have been found to function as the controlled passivation films which suppress increase of surface microroughness when heating of the wafer to thermal oxidation temperature in the inert gas ambience.



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