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Chemical Corrosion of Cogema Glass R7T7 in High Saline Brines - Part II

  • W. Lutze (a1), R. Müller (a1) and W. Montserrat (a2)


The kinetic results of corrosion experiments of glass R7T7 in brine 2 (high Mg and Ca concentrations) and brine 3 (high Na, low Ca concentrations) in this study are similar to those reported for the corrosion in brine 1 (high Mg concentration, no Ca) in [1]. Further support is lent to the idea that corrosion can be described, by a transient process that depends on the Si concentration in solution (prior to arriving at steady state Si concentration) and another one where this dependence vanishes or becomes small (after constant Si concentration is reached). This is analogous to what is known about corrosion of glass R7T7 and of other glasses in deionized water [4].



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