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Characterization of Ultrathin Cosi2 on Si(111) Layers.

  • J.L. Batstone (a1), Julia M. Phillips (a1) and J.M. Gibson


Ultrathin epitaxial CoSi2 films on Si(111) have been grown in ultrahigh vacuum by room temperature deposition of Co on Si(111) followed by a high temperature anneal at ~600°C. Characterization of the thin films with transmission electron microscopy has revealed pseudomorphic growth up to thicknesses ~30Å. Pinholes present in the pseudomorphic thin films are thought to prevent the trapping of dislocations within the film. A clear transition to films containing a regular network of misfit dislocations occurs at ~40Å. Evidence for the growth of CoSi2 via intermediate metal-rich silicide phases is observed.



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