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Characterization of Nanoparticle Films and Structures Produced by Hypersonic Plasma Particle Deposition

  • Christopher R. Perrey (a1), Ryan Thompson (a1), C. Barry Carter (a1), Ashok Gidwani (a2), Rajesh Mukherjee (a2), Thierry Renault (a2), P. H. McMurry (a2), J. V. R. Heberlein (a2) and S. L. Girshick (a2)...


There is great potential for the use of nanostructures in numerous applications. Investigation of nanoparticle films and structures is an important area of research for the production of nanoengineered devices. However, for these devices to become a reality, a production method that can yield high-rate synthesis of nanostructured powders is necessary. The hypersonic plasma particle deposition (HPPD) process has been shown to be capable of such high-rate production of nanoparticle films and structures. Versatile in its ability to manufacture nanoparticles of different chemistries HPPD also has the capability of in situ particle consolidation and assembly. In this study, chemically diverse films and structures have been produced by HPPD on a variety of substrates. Using novel specimen preparation techniques, these nanoparticles have been characterized by TEM. Fundamental issues of importance have been investigated for both the nanoparticle structure and the constituent nanoparticles. These issues include nanoparticle crystallinity and defect structure. The chemical homogeneity and structural characteristics of the deposition are also investigated. This application of microscopy to aid process development has resulted in insights into the nanoparticle formation process and the dynamics of the HPPD process.


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