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Characterization of Erbium Doped SiO2 Layers Formed On Silicon By Spark Processing

  • John V. St. John (a1), Jeffery L. Coffer (a1), Young Gyu Rho (a2), Patrick Diehl (a2), Russell F. Pinizzotto (a2), Thomas D. Culp (a3) and Kevin L. Bray (a3)...


Deposition of a rare earth salt layer on a silicon substrate with subsequent spark processing yields a porous Si layer and SiO 2 cap doped with the rare earth ion. We have characterized luminescent Er-doped porous SiO2 on Si by scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive Xray spectroscopy, as well as visible and near IR photoluminescence (PL) spectroscopies. Energydispersive x-ray maps indicate that the erbium concentration in the porous layer can be controlled by varying the molarity of the erbium solution deposited on the substrate prior to spark processing. Visible PL measurements reveal that the concentration of Er3+ is proportional to the resultant intensity of the visible fluorescence transitions; however, for the near IR fluorescence peak at 1.54 gim, self-quenching due to erbium clustering occurs at higher concentrations. Erbium-doped porous silicon layers can also be obtained by diffusion of an erbium salt into porous silicon formed by anodic etching of Si in hydrofluoric acid. Densification of the porous Si layers through high temperature oxidation after erbium diffusion forms erbium-doped SiO2 layers.



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