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Characterization of Epitaxial CoSi2 Film Growth on Si(100) by Slow Positron Beam

  • Ping Liu (a1), Chenglu Lin (a1), Zuyao Zhou (a1), Huiming Weng (a2), Bingzong Li (a3), Rongdian Han (a2) and Shichang Zou (a1)...


A slow positron beam was used to investigate the solid state reaction of Co/Si and Co/Ti/Si. Variable-energy (0-20 keV) positrons were implanted into samples at different depths. The Doppler broadening of the annihilation -y-ray energy spectra, measured at a number of different incident positron energies were characterized a line-shape parameter “5”. It was found that the measured S parameters were sensitive to thin film reaction and crystalline characteristics. In particular, the S parameter of epitaxial CoSi2 formed by the ternary reaction was quit different from that of the polycrystalline CoSi2 formed by direct reaction of Co with Si.



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