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Characterization of Arsenic Implanted Epitaxially Aligned Polysilicon-on-Silicon Films

  • J. L. Hoyt (a1), E. F. Crabbé (a1), R. F. W. Pease (a1) and J. F. Gibbons (a1)


Nonuniformities in the polysilicon-to-silicon interface and in the polysilicon structure are expected to produce a nonuniform diffusion front when arsenic is diffused from polysilicon during epitaxial alignment. Using transmission electron microscopy, we find surprisingly uniform arsenic diffusion fronts in the underlying silicon substrate following high temperature annealing. Several explanations of this result are proposed. We also report new evidence of a strong reduction in the time to achieve complete epitaxial transformation of the polysilicon when the polysilicon thickness is reduced. A corresponding reduction in the associated arsenic penetration depth is demonstrated.



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