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Characterization of a Ag Monolayer on Pt by Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering

  • Joseph Miragliotta (a1) and T. E. Furtak (a1)


We report the results of a surface enhanced Raman scattering investigation of a Ag monolayer (ML) electrochemically deposited on a Pt substrate. The poor electromagnetic enhancing properties of this surface insure that the observed Raman scattering intensity is short–range in origin, arising from an electronic resonant process between the surface adatom and the probe molecule. Raman spectra showed the probe molecule, pyridine, to be bound to an electron-deficient Ag site. This supports earlier vacuum studies of the Ag/Pt surface which reported an electron transfer from the Ag ML into the Pt substrate leaving a partial positive charge in the ML. The transfer is due to the work function difference between Ag and Pt.



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Characterization of a Ag Monolayer on Pt by Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering

  • Joseph Miragliotta (a1) and T. E. Furtak (a1)


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