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The characterization and preparation of porous low dielectric films using various cyclodextrins as template materials

  • Jin-Heong Yim (a1), Jung-Bae Kim (a1), Hyun-Dam Jeong (a1), Yi-Yeoul Lyu (a1), Sang Kook Mah (a1), Jingyu Hyeon-Lee (a1), Kwang Hee Lee (a1), Seok Chang (a1), Lyong Sun Pu (a1) (a2), Y. F. Hu (a3), J.N. Sun (a3) and D.W. Gidley (a3)...


Porous low dielectric films containing nano pores (∼20Å) with low dielectric constant (<2.2), have been prepared by using various kinds of cyclodextrin derivatives as porogenic materials. The pore structure such as pore size and interconnectivity can be controlled by changing functional groups of the cyclodextrin derivatives. We found that mechanical properties of porous low-k thin film prepared with mCSSQ (modified cyclic silsesquioxane) precursor and cyclodextrin derivatives were correlated with the pore interconnection length. The longer the interconnection length of nanopores in the thin film, the worse the mechanical properties of the thin film (such as hardness and modulus) even though the pore diameter of the films were microporous (∼2nm).



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