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Characteristics of Polycrystalline Silicon thin Films Prepared by Pulsed Ion-Beam Evaporation

  • Sung-Chae Yang (a1), Ali Fazlat (a1), Hisayuki Suematsu (a1), Weihua Jiang (a1) and Kiyoshi Yatsui (a1)...


Using intense pulsed ion-beam evaporation technique, we have succeeded in the preparation of polycrystalline silicon thin films on silicon substrate without impurities. Good crystallinity and high deposition rate have been achieved without heating the substrate. The crystallinity of poly-Si film has been improved with increasing the density of the ablation plasma. The intense diffraction peaks of poly-Si thin films can be obtained by using the substrate bias system. The crystallinity and the deposition rate of poly-Si thin films are increased by negative bias voltage for the substrate.



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