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Characteristics and aging of SiC MOSFETs operated at very high temperatures

  • Dean P. Hamilton (a1), Michael R. Jennings (a1), Craig A. Fisher (a1), Yogesh K. Sharma (a1), Stephen J. York (a2) and Philip A. Mawby (a1)...


Silicon carbide power devices are purported to be capable of operating at very high temperatures. Current commercially available SiC MOSFETs from a number of manufacturers have been evaluated to understand and quantify the aging processes and temperature dependencies that occur when operated up to 350°C. High temperature constant positive bias stress tests demonstrated a two times increase in threshold voltage from the original value for some device types, which was maintained indefinitely but could be corrected with a long negative gate bias. The threshold voltages were found to decrease close to zero and the on-state resistances increased quite linearly to approximately five or six times their room temperature values. Long term thermal aging of the dies appears to demonstrate possible degradation of the ohmic contacts. This appears as a rectifying response in the I-V curves at low drain-source bias. The high temperature capability of the latest generations of these devices has been proven independently; provided that threshold voltage management is implemented, the devices are capable of being operated and are free from the effects of thermal aging for at least 70 hours cumulative at 300°C.



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Characteristics and aging of SiC MOSFETs operated at very high temperatures

  • Dean P. Hamilton (a1), Michael R. Jennings (a1), Craig A. Fisher (a1), Yogesh K. Sharma (a1), Stephen J. York (a2) and Philip A. Mawby (a1)...


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