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Ceramic formulation and processing design for plutonium disposition

  • Neil C. Hyatt (a1), Martin Stennett (a1), Andreas Jenni (a1), Daniel Reid (a1) and and Ewan R. Maddrell (a2)...


The focus of this research programme is to develop a single phase ceramic wasteform for waste PuO2 that is unsuitable for fuel manufacture. A suite of synthetic mineral systems have been considered including titanate, zirconate, phosphate and silicate based matrices. Although a wealth of information on plutonium disposition in some of the systems exists in the literature, the data is not always directly comparable which hinders comparison between different ceramic hosts. The crux of this research has been to compile a database of information on the proposed hosts to allow impartial comparison of the relative merits of each system.



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Ceramic formulation and processing design for plutonium disposition

  • Neil C. Hyatt (a1), Martin Stennett (a1), Andreas Jenni (a1), Daniel Reid (a1) and and Ewan R. Maddrell (a2)...


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