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A Cbed Procedure for Determining Local Residual Stresses from Nanoscale Areas in Cermets

  • Gyeung Ho Kim (a1) and Mehmet Sarikaya (a1)


A convergent beam electron diffraction method was used in a transmission electron microscope to determine residual thermal stresses from nanometer-scale areas in a ceramic-metal (cermet) composite material. It is demonstrated that the method is simple, but requires a standard sample for each of the phases in the composite. The principle of the technique is that the stresses are determined by comparing higher order Laue zone line shifts, due to lattice strain, in high-symmetry zone-axis electron diffraction patterns recorded under the same experimental conditions from the unknown phases and the standards. The application of the method to composite systems containing dissimilar phases, such as ceramic-metal composite systems, demonstrates the universality of the technique in obtaining local structural information of anisotropic strain unambiguously with a high accuracy. The procedure involved is described in detail with application to B4C-AI, a three-dimensional intertwined ceramic-metal composite.



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