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Cavitation-Erosion Resistance of Thick-Film Thermally Sprayed Niti

  • A. Peter Jardine (a1), Y. Horan (a1) and H. Herman (a1)


Thermal spray technologies provide a method for depositing high temperature intermetallics. Deposits of Shape Memory Effect NiTi were produced by Electric-Arc Spraying (EAS) of NiTi wire, Vacuum Plasma Spraying (VPS) of NiTi powder, and codeposition of Ni and Ti using VPS. NiTi deposits displayed shape memory effect properties, which are highly sensitive to processing conditions. They were found to also exhibit superior cavitation-erosion resistance. Under identical cavitation erosion conditions, weight losses of 0.41, 1.65 amd 7.71 mg were found VPS, arc-sprayed and blended Ni-Ti deposits respectively. Minimal amounts of NiTi was formed from co-spraying both Ni and Ti powders onto steel substrates.



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