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Carbon Nanotube Micro-Opto-Mechanical Grippers

  • Shaoxin Lu (a1), Ye Liu (a2), Ning Shao (a3) and Balaji Panchapakesan (a4)


We report the integration of single wall carbon nanotube ensembles into micro-mechanical systems to realize a new carbon nanotube micro-optomechanical system (CNT-MOMS). CNT-MOM grippers were fabricated with CMOS compatible techniques involving nanotube film formation, wafer bonding, photo-lithography, plasma etching and dry release. MOM-grippers displacement of ∼24μm was obtained from a gripper of 430μm in length under infra-red laser stimulus and continuous operation of more than 100,000 cycles was acquired. The optical power consumption of the gripper operation was estimated to be as small as ∼240μW. This study is a good example of how nano-materials could be integrated into CMOS compatible techniques for applications in high performance MEMS and nanoscale actuation technologies.



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