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C60Clusters Self-Assembly in One-beam Optical Trap

  • W. Eugene Collins (a1), Weijie Lu (a1), Steven Morgan (a1) and Andrey Zavalin (a1)


C60aggregated clusters up to 20 um length were created on a glass surface within a solution inside of a gradient one-beam optical trap. It was possible to grow rod-shaped structures by motion of an optical trap parallel to the surface of the substrate. After the deposited structures became stable, the solution was dried. By AFM measurements of the stable dried structures, it was shown, that aggregations have typical sizes of 5–15 um X 1.5–2 um, and thickness near 1.5 um. The aggregations consist of thinner (30–100 nm diameter) rods, bundled together.



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1. Ashkin, A., Optics & Photonics News, 41 (1999).
2. Fournier, J.-M. R., Burns, M. M., and Golovchenko, J. A. in Practical Holography IX, SPIE Vol. 2406, pp. 101111.
3. Weiss, P., Science News, 157, 335 (2000).


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