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Borosilicate Nuclear Waste Glass Alteration Kinetics: Chemical Inhibition and Affinity Control

  • T. Advocat (a1), J. L. Chouchan (a1), J. L. Crovisier (a2), C. Guy (a3), V. Daux (a3), C. Jegou (a1), S. Gin (a1) and E. Vernaz (a1)...


The objective of this work was to develop a more representative mathematical formulation of the alteration kinetics of the borosilicate SON68 glass by combining three approaches: (1) Compare extensive prior experimental static leaching results for SON68 glass with the first-order kinetic law in which silica is the predominant element, (2) Assess the exact role of dissolved silica on the alteration rate under conditions near and far from saturation, by means of dynamic leach tests and, (3) Compare the new data with the general kinetic law for silicates in which the reaction affinity, catalysis and inhibition are the three influencing factors.



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