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Bio-inspired Self-Assembly of Micro and Nano-Structures for Sensing and Electronic Applications

  • H. McNally (a1), S. W. Lee (a1), D. Guo (a1), M. Pingle (a2), D. Bergstrom (a2) and R. Bashir (a1) (a3)...


Bio-inspired assembly, through the use of bio-molecules such as DNA and proteins, will play a critical role in the advancement of novel sensing techniques and for the realization of heterogeneous integration of materials. For many of these applications, such as antibody-based biosensor and the study of controlled cell growth, DNA and protein patterning techniques are crucial. We will present an update of our work on protein patterning techniques using microelectronic fabrication, DNA hybridization and biotin-streptavidin pairing. To show its application in biological inspired self-assembly, this technique was used successfully in the self-assembly of 20 nm streptavidin conjugated gold particles. In addition, the integration of nano-and micro-scale heterogeneous materials is very important for novel material synthesis and electro-optic applications. We will present an update on our work to assemble silicon electronic devices using DNA/charged molecules and electric fields. Devices are fabricated, released, charged with molecules, and subsequently manipulated in electric fields. The techniques described can be used to integrate the hybrid devices such as nano- or micro-scale resistors, PN diodes, and MOSFETs on silicon or other substrates such as glass, plastic, etc.



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