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Bio-Inspired Hydrogel-Calcium Carbonate Core-Shell Particles

  • Yi-Yeoun Kim (a1), John W Catino (a2), Gary P Tomaino (a3) and Sherman D Cox (a4)


In this report, we present a bio-inspired encapsulation process to create nanocluster-assembled core-shell particles under aqueous, room temperature and non-toxic conditions. The approach to synthesize calcium carbonate core-shell particles is accomplished by employing a Polymer-Induced Liquid-Precursor (PILP) process. We demonstrate the amorphous mineral precursor is coated around a core of hydrogel nanoparticles, and subsequently solidified and crystallized. The synthesized core-shell particles are 300∼500nm diameter and ∼100 nm shell-thickness. We investigate the role of the hydrogel core of the particle using time-resolved XRD, thermal-XRD and thermal analysis. The organic hydrogel appears to influence the transformation of mineral phases, stabilizing the amorphous phase of calcium carbonate.



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Bio-Inspired Hydrogel-Calcium Carbonate Core-Shell Particles

  • Yi-Yeoun Kim (a1), John W Catino (a2), Gary P Tomaino (a3) and Sherman D Cox (a4)


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