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Beyond-The-Roadmap Technology: Silicon Heterojunctions, Optoelectronics, and Quantum Devices

  • Alan Seabaugh (a1), Roger Lake (a1), Bobby Brar (a1), Robert Wallacet (a2) and Glen Wilk (a2)...


The roadmap for silicon device technology has been drawn, extending to the year 2010, and featuring a CMOS transistor with a gate length of 0.07 μm [1]. Beyond this point, silicon heterojunctions could provide a means to further device scaling. Silicon heterojunctions could also bring new devices to the silicon substrate including light emitters and detectors, and resonant tunneling diodes (RTDs). Today SiGe/Si and SiGeC/Si heterojunctions are receiving the greatest attention, but heterojunctions now being developed to realize silicon RTDs are increasing the heterojunction options for silicon-based quantum-well and optical devices. Here we outline the fundamental device requirements for silicon optical and tunneling devices and describe progress on silicon heterojunction development towards demonstration of silicon-based RTDs. Materials now under study include, ZnS, crystalline oxides and nitrides; new processes could provide methods for forming crystalline materials over amorphous barriers.



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