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Band Lineup of Van Der Waals-Epitaxy Interfaces

  • R. Schlaf (a1), T. Löher (a1), O. Lang (a1), A. Klein (a1), C. Pettenkofer (a1) and W. Jaegermann (a1)...


Epitaxial lattice mismatched heterointerfaces between layered semiconductors and themselves and II-VI semiconductors (CdS, CdTe), respectively, have been prepared and their band lineup determined by photoemission. Different physical mechanisms, which govern the heterointerface formation, can be discriminated due to the specific properties of the van der Waals (vdW) surface. The interfaces between layered semiconductors mostly follow the electron affinity rule with a small but systematic deviation, which is assigned to the influence of interfacial quantum dipoles. However, the band lineup to the II-VI semiconductors shows a large interface dipole, which is related to a structural dipole from the polar, Cd terminated, face of the (111)- in case of Zinkblende CdTe- and the (0001)- in case of Wurtzite CdS- oriented overlayer film.



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Band Lineup of Van Der Waals-Epitaxy Interfaces

  • R. Schlaf (a1), T. Löher (a1), O. Lang (a1), A. Klein (a1), C. Pettenkofer (a1) and W. Jaegermann (a1)...


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