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Autoclaved Composites with Nanostructured Silica Additive

  • Victoria Nelubova (a1), Valeria Strokova (a1), Alla Cherevatova (a1), Nataliya Altynnik (a1) and Konstantin Sobolev (a2)...


This article deals with the development of autoclaved composites (AC) with nanostructured additive (NSA) and reports on the beneficial effects of NSA in autoclaved lime-silica mixtures.

Based on the results of X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy investigation, the effects of hydrothermal conditions on the mechanisms of lime-silica interaction are revealed. It is demonstrated that the addition of NSA intensifies the formation of the C-S-H phase, reduces the quantities of amorphous phases and enables the formation of low-base calcium hydrosilicates (11Å-tobermorite and xonotlite).

The physical and mechanical properties of autoclaved composites with NSA are investigated and optimized. The reported research demonstrates the feasibility of NSA application to improve the performance of autoclaved materials.



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