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Atomically Smooth Ultrathin Oxide Layers on SI(113)

  • H.-J. Müssig (a1), J. Dabrowski (a1) and S. Hinrich (a1)


We report the first direct observation of dissociative chemisorption of oxygen molecules on a silicon surface at room temperature via a molecular precursor state. We link this to the fact that smooth oxide layers can be grown easily on Si(113). The process of initial oxidation is discussed in terms of surface diffusion paths and surface stress. First ab initiocalculations help elucidate the favored adsorption sites and the oxidation mechanism. Experimental evidence was found for bond geometries resulting in the quasi-epitaxial growth of a chemisorption layer on the substrate at elevated temperatures (600°C). In contrast to the first stages of Si(001) oxidation, neither defects nor the ejection of Si atoms plays a significant role during the initial oxidation of Si(113).



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Atomically Smooth Ultrathin Oxide Layers on SI(113)

  • H.-J. Müssig (a1), J. Dabrowski (a1) and S. Hinrich (a1)


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