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Atomic Layer Deposition of Gallium-Doped Zinc Oxide Transparent Conducting Oxide films

  • Paul R. Chalker (a1), Paul A. Marshall (a1), Simon Romani (a1), Matthew J. Rosseinsky (a2), Simon Rushworth (a3), Paul A. Williams (a3), John Buckett (a4), Neil McSporran (a4) and John Ridealgh (a4)...


Thin transparent conducting oxide (TCO) films of gallium-doped zinc oxide have been deposited on glass substrates by atomic layer deposition (ALD) using diethyl zinc, triethyl gallium and water vapour as precursors. The gallium-doped zinc oxide films were deposited over the temperature range 100-350°C. Transmission electron microscopy reveals that the as-deposited films are polycrystalline in character. The electrical resistivity of the gallium-doped zinc oxide films was evaluated using four-point probe and contactless measurement methods as a function of film thickness. The lowest sheet resistance of 16 Ω/☐ was measured from a film thickness of 400nm and a gallium content of 5 atomic percent. The electron Hall mobility of this film was 12.3 cm2/Vs. The visible transmittance of the films was 78% with a haze of 0.2%.



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