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Assessment of the Insertion of Reprocessed Fuels and Combined Thorium Fuel Cycles in a PWR System

  • Fabiana. B. A. Monteiro (a1) (a2), Rochkhudson. B. de Faria (a1), Ângela Fortini (a1), Clarysson A. M. Da Silva (a1) and Cláubia Pereira (a1) (a2)...


The insertion of reprocessed fuel spiked with thorium in a typical PWR fuel element considering (TRU-Th) cycle was simulated using different fissile materials that varied from 5.5% to 7.0%. The reprocessed fuels were obtained using the ORIGEN 2.1 code from a burned PWR standard fuel (33,000 MWd/tHM burned), with 3.1% of initial enrichment, which was remained in the cooling pool for five years and then reprocessed using UREX+ technique. The kinf, hardening spectrum and the fuel evolution during the burnup were evaluated. This study was performed using the SCALE 6.0


Corresponding author


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Assessment of the Insertion of Reprocessed Fuels and Combined Thorium Fuel Cycles in a PWR System

  • Fabiana. B. A. Monteiro (a1) (a2), Rochkhudson. B. de Faria (a1), Ângela Fortini (a1), Clarysson A. M. Da Silva (a1) and Cláubia Pereira (a1) (a2)...


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