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Anomalous Diffusion in Membranes

  • R. Granek (a1), S. Pierrat (a1) and A. G. Zilman (a1)


We study the undulations and the transverse diffusion of a tagged membrane point in both physical (passive) membranes and active biomembranes. In physical membranes thermal undulations generate a transverse subdiffusive motion, 〈r 2〉 ∼ t 2/3. Active biomembranes include active sites that use chemical energy to pump ions or molecules from one side to the other. In this case we find a few regimes which show a strongly enhanced diffusion, 〈r 2〉 ∼ t α with 1 < α > 2.



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Anomalous Diffusion in Membranes

  • R. Granek (a1), S. Pierrat (a1) and A. G. Zilman (a1)


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