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Annealing effects on metal-ZnO interface for improvement performance of Thin-film Transistors

  • Miguel A. Dominguez (a1), Francisco Flores (a1), Adan Luna (a1), Salvador Alcantara (a1), Javier Martinez (a1), Jose A. Luna-Lopez (a1), Pedro Rosales (a2) and Claudia Reyes (a2)...


In this work, the annealing effects at 180°C in Aluminum-ZnO contacts as function of time were studied. Also, the application in TFTs of ZnO films obtained at low-temperature (200°C) are presented. The ZnO films obtained by ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis at 200 °C were deposited over Aluminum contacts on SiO2/Si wafers to demonstrate the use of active layer in thin-film transistors. The results show that an improvement can be obtained in metal-ZnO interfaces by low-temperature annealing treatments. However, long annealing time degrade the metal-ZnO interface and may affect the electrical performance of the device.


Corresponding author


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