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An Overview of FeRAM Technology for High Density Applications

  • Nicolas Nagel (a1), Thomas Mikolajick (a1), Igor Kasko (a1), Walter Hartner (a1), Manfred Moert (a1), Cay-Uwe Pinnow (a1), Christine Dehm (a1) and Carlos Mazure (a1)...


Ferroelectric random access memories (FeRAMs) are new types of memories especially suitable for mobile applications due to their unique properties such as nonvolatility, small DRAM - like cell size, fast read and write as well as low voltage / low power behavior. Although standard CMOS processes can be used for frontend and backend / metallization processes, FeRAM technology development has to overcome major challenges due to new materials used for capacitor formation. In this paper, advantages and disadvantages of different ferroelectric materials and major development issues for high density applications are discussed. Results of a 0.5μm ferroelectric process using SrBi2Ta2O9 (SBT) as ferroelectric layer, Pt as electrode material, and 2-layer tungsten / aluminum metallization are discussed.



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