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An Investigation of the Heteroepitaxial Growth of Beta—silicon Carbide Thin Filmson Silicon Substrates

  • J. T. Glass (a1), Y. C. Wang (a1), H. S. Kong (a1) and R. F. Davis (a1)


High purity β—SiC films have been epitaxially grown on Si (100) and off-axis Si (100) substrates. Conventional chemical vapor deposition at 1633K and 1 atm using SiH4 and C2H4 reactants in an H2 carrier gas was employed for this growth. Large differences in lattice parameter and thermal coefficients of expansion between the film and the substrate were partially compensated for by growing aninitial “conversion layer.” Plan view and cross—sectional transmission electron microscopy were utilized to study the conversion layer and the defects present in the films. A high density of stacking faults and dislocations were present in allthe films grown on Si, however, antiphase boundaries were eliminated when certain off—axis Si (100) substrates were employed. The effects of misorientation angle and substrate preannealing were investigated. The electrical properties of the β-SiC films were also studied using differential capacitance—voltage and Hall effect measurements as well as the I—V characteristics of Au—β—SiC Schottky diodes. It was found that the elimination of antiphase boundaries reduced leakage current but did not significantly effect carrier concentration or Hall electron mobility. Finally, the I—V characteristics of a Metal—Semiconductor—Field—Effect—Transistor (MESFET) have been evaluated for a β—SiC filmon an on—axis Si (100) substrate.



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An Investigation of the Heteroepitaxial Growth of Beta—silicon Carbide Thin Filmson Silicon Substrates

  • J. T. Glass (a1), Y. C. Wang (a1), H. S. Kong (a1) and R. F. Davis (a1)


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