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An Inverse electrolysis method to Synthesize Surface Nano-roughened ZnO Contact Electrode

  • Yu-Hao Liao (a1), Yi-Hao Pai (a2) and Gong-Ru Lin (a3)


The fabrication of surface nano-roughened zinc oxide (ZnO) is demonstrated by using a zinc/air fuel cell based chemical reactor. The chemical reaction creates the hydroxyl near the Zn and randomizes the pores with accumulated hydroxyls, which causes Zn to be oxidized to form thick and nano-roughened ZnO upon Zn anode or to be transformed into a soluble complex zincate ion in the excess electrolyte. Furthermore, controlling the quantity of (Zn(OH)2) and [Zn(OH)4]2− can significantly decrease the defect-related emission and blue-shift PL spectra to the UV range.



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