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An Experimental and Modeling Study of Thermal Cyclic Behavior of Sn-Cu and Sn-Pb Solder Joints

  • Y.-H. Pao (a1), S. Badgley (a1), R. Govila (a1) and E. Jah (a1)


Thermal cyclic shear stress/strain hysteresis response of 97Sn-2Cu-0.8Sb-0.2Ag, 95.5Sn-4Cu-0.5Ag, 63Sn-37Pb, and 62Sn-36Pb-2Ag solder joints have been determined using a double beam specimen. The temperature cycle had a period of 40 minutes and extreme temperatures of 40°C and 140°C.The steady state creep properties of these solders were determined, and the associated Norton's law was implemented in a finite element program to simulate the experiment. The fatigue life of these solders joints and failure mechanism are also discussed.



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