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Amorphization Mechanisms in AlxGa1-xAs

  • B. W. Lagow (a1), B. A. Turkot (a1), I. M. Robertson (a1), L. E. Rehn (a2), P. M. Baldo (a2), S. D. Roh (a1), D. V. Forbes (a1) and J. J. Coleman (a1)...


Bulk ion implantations of AlxGa1-xAs (x = 0.6 or 0.85) were performed at 77 K with 1.5 MeV Kr+, 1 MeV Ar+ or 1.5 MeV++ ions, and the resulting damage state examined by using Rutherford backscattering spectrometry-channeling at 77 K and 293 K and transmission electron microscopy at 300 K. Amorphization of a portion of the AlxGa1-x As layer occurred at 77 K only for the 1.5 MeV Kr+ implantation, although the dose required to cause amorphization was higher for the higher Al content alloy. TRIM calculations[10–11 ] show that with this implantation the density of high energy density cascades varies as a function of depth through the layer and that these are superimposed on a high, uniform density of defects. Comparison of the ion channeling spectra at 77 K and 293 K shows that recovery occurs over a portion of the layer in the Al0.6Ga0.4As but is not detected in the Al0.85Ga0.15As layer. In both alloys, the room temperature microstructure consists of an amorphous and a crystalline region. The amorphous region extends from the deeper AlxGa1-xAs/GaAs interface into the layer, and is separated from the crystalline material by a crystalline region containing planar defects. The difference between the alloys is in the extent of this latter region, which decreases in width with increasing Al content. These results will be used to examine current models for amorphization in the AlxGa1-xAs system.



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Amorphization Mechanisms in AlxGa1-xAs

  • B. W. Lagow (a1), B. A. Turkot (a1), I. M. Robertson (a1), L. E. Rehn (a2), P. M. Baldo (a2), S. D. Roh (a1), D. V. Forbes (a1) and J. J. Coleman (a1)...


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