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Aluminum Ion Implantation in Silicon Carbide at High Temperature of Target

  • Alexander V. Suvorov (a1), D. A. Plotkin (a1), V. N. Makarov (a1) and V. N. Svetlov (a1)


Single crystals and epitaxial films of SiC - 4H and 6H were implanted at an energy of 40 and 90 KeV by ions of Al at various temperatures and high dose.

The implanted layers were studied before and after annealing by Raman scattering, Auger electron spectroscopy and SIMS. Results of this investigation show intensive graphitization of the implanted layer surface, the formation of great associations of defects in the implanted layer and shallow defects. It was found that recrystallization of the implanted layer pushes out a considerable part of aluminum atoms. The nature of the processes in silicon carbide during implantation and annealing is discussed.



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