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All-CSS processing of CdS/CdTe thin-film solar cells with thin CdS layers

  • Alan Davies (a1), J. R. Sites (a2), R. A. Enzenroth (a3), W. S. Sampath (a4) and K. L. Barth (a5)...


Cadmium Sulfide/Cadmium Telluride (CdS/CdTe) thin-film solar cells were fabricated by an in-line, close-space-sublimation (CSS) process at Colorado State University. Source temperature control was used to reduce the deposited CdS thickness. Quantum efficiency (QE) showed CdS thicknesses that varied over a range from 250 to 10 nm. Current-Voltage (J-V) measurements showed increased Jsc as CdS was thinned. Thin CdS resulted in reduced voltage (800 mV to 350 mV) and fill factor, which offset gains in current, and caused efficiencies to drop from 12.6% for thick CdS layers to 4.5% for devices with the thinnest CdS. These performance trends are consistent with calculations assuming parallel junctions of CdS/CdTe and SnO2/CdTe. Localized weak-junction formation was characterized by high-resolution laser-beam-induced current (LBIC) mapping. Greater incidence of spatial non-uniformities in photocurrent response accompanied thinning of the CdS layer, with 638-nm spectral response varying spatially by 4.5% for thin CdS devices compared to variations less than 1% for devices with thicker CdS. Non-uniformities of cells with thin CdS are highly sensitive to voltage bias and are likely indicative of parallel p-n and Schottky-type junctions.



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All-CSS processing of CdS/CdTe thin-film solar cells with thin CdS layers

  • Alan Davies (a1), J. R. Sites (a2), R. A. Enzenroth (a3), W. S. Sampath (a4) and K. L. Barth (a5)...


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