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Alignment of Adsorbate-Induced Defects on Silicon(001) 2×1 Observed with STM

  • J. V. Seiple (a1) and J. P. Pelz (a1)


We have observed that a build-up of gas-phase adsorbates on Si(001) followed by mild annealing at temperatures in the range 500 - 800°C can lead to a quasi-periodic array of line defects, which in STM images appear similar to lines of dimer vacancies aligned perpendicular to the surface dimer rows. These line defects can be eliminated by annealing at temperatures above 900°C, indicating that Ni contamination is not the cause. Adsorbed O2 or H2O followed by an anneal do not exhibit the same behavior.



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Alignment of Adsorbate-Induced Defects on Silicon(001) 2×1 Observed with STM

  • J. V. Seiple (a1) and J. P. Pelz (a1)


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