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AFM-Based Nanomechanical Properties and Storage of Dentin and Enamel

  • Stefan Habelitz (a1), Mehdi Balooch (a1), Grayson W. Marshall (a1), Thomas M. Breunig (a1) and Sally J. Marshall (a1)...


This study evaluated the affects of 2 different solutions, e. g. deionized water and Hanks' Balanced Salt Solution (HBSS), on nanohardness and elastic modulus of dentin and enamel from human third molars at storage times of 0, 1, 7, 14 and 28 days using a modified AFM (Triboscope). The pH values of the solutions were monitored throughout the test periods. Storing the specimens in deionized water resulted in a large decrease of mechanical properties, e.g. the reduced elastic modulus of dentin decreased from 24.0 ±1.5 GPa to 21.0 ±1.6, 8.6 ±1.1 and 5.2 ±1.1 GPa for storage times of 1, 7 and 14 days, respectively. Mechanical properties of dentin and enamel dropped by more than 12% after one day and more than 50% after a week when stored in deionized water. The observed changes in mechanical response were attributed to a superficial demineralization process during storage. In contrast, storing teeth in HBSS did not significantly alter the mechanical properties of dentin or enamel over the time studied.



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