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Aes and Xps Studies of Sulfur-Treated ALxGA1−xas Surfaces

  • Hirotaka Ohno (a1), Hidenori Kawanishi (a1), Yoshiro Akagi (a1), Masayoshi Koba (a1) and Toshiki Hijikata (a1)...


Passivation of AlxGa1−xAs surfaces by ammonium sulfide treatment has been investigated. Enhancement of photoluminescence intensity and dramatic reduction of oxide peaks in spectra acquired by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy on AlxGa1−x.As surfaces prepared by this treatment lead to the reduction of surface state density. It was found that sulfur atoms were mainly bonded to Al atoms in an Al-enriched specimen of AlxGa1−xAs(x=0.78). The surface compositions of Al-enriched specimen(x=0.43, 0.78) were also found to be As-rich as a result of both sulfur treatment and the preferential etching of metallic atoms by an acidic solution, which prevents the initial oxidation of the surface of A1xGa1−xAs.



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