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Advances in Dye-Doped Sol-Gel Lasers

  • B. Dunn (a1), F. Nishida (a1), R. Toda (a1), J. I. Zink (a2), T. H. Allik (a3), S. Chandra (a3) and J. A. Hutchinson (a4)...


The sol-gel process is a solution synthesis technique which provides a low temperature chemical route for the preparation of rigid transparent matrices. A number of laser dyes have been incorporated in different sol-gel matrices and tunable laser action has been demonstrated with these materials. This paper extends the sol-gel laser field into two significant areas, infrared dyes and pyrromethenes. The work with the tricarbocyanine dyes shows the versatility of sol-gel chemistry as organic modifications produce a favorable environment for the dye molecules. The results with the pyrromethene system show a considerable increase in output energy and offer the promise of longer laser lifetimes.



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Advances in Dye-Doped Sol-Gel Lasers

  • B. Dunn (a1), F. Nishida (a1), R. Toda (a1), J. I. Zink (a2), T. H. Allik (a3), S. Chandra (a3) and J. A. Hutchinson (a4)...


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