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Adsorption and Ordering of Oxygen on Cu(110)*

  • G. R. Gruzalski (a1), D. M. Zehner (a1) and J. F. Wendelken (a1)


XPS and LEED were used to study the adsorption and ordering of oxygen on Cu(11O) at 83±1 K and between 300 and 320 K and to follow changes in the oxygen coverage and surface structure produced by 5-min anneals at temperatures up to 880 K. The relationship between oxygen coverage and surface structure, as well as their mutual dependence upon exposure, surface temperature at exposure, and subsequent annealing treatment, is discussed.



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Research sponsored by the Division of Materials Sciences, U.S. Department of Energy under contract DE-ACO5-840R21400 with Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Inc.



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8. Chemisorption at both Tℓ and Th is describable in terms of a mobileprecursor kinetics, with initial sticking probabilities of about 0.77 and 0.23, respectively. At Tℓ, chemisorption is greatly inhibited by the presence of a preadsorbed layer of oxygen that is atomic and ordered. A more detailed description of the adsorption kinetics is given in ref. [6].
9. An examination of the Cu 2p lines showed no indication of copper-oxygen bonding and was no help in resolving this issue. Within experimental uncertainty, the relative intensities and binding energies of these peaks were the same for each surface condition studied in this work.


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